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KL600 with Eagle Mike 692cc

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The old Kl600 I built with 650 crank and cylinder got Eagle Mike 692cc  top end.  Great kit!  HP increase very apparent over all rpm.  The new style, short skirt piston, revs quicker and eliminates nearly all engine vibration.  Also, so far,  no oil burn!!

Worth every penny.

   The head is ported with FMF Power Bomb head pipe and Pro Circuit silencer.  So I dropped in a stage two Hot Cam.   The cam does add mid  rpm power, may pull a bit harder on top.  However the tappet clatter is horrid.  As an engine builder I could not take the noise.  Back in with the stock intake can (same tappet clearance.) and engine is quite!!!?  The noise is due to the lack of a gentle ramp to open the valves, better performance with a quick sudden ramp but the sound is not worth the gains.

Summer is here Time to Ride!!

Mike, Mike


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