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2005 CRF 450r bubbles in fuel supply line

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2005 Crf 450R. Went for a ride over the weekend which ended in a loss of compression and a hollow sound when I try to kick it over. Ive been having Carb issues lately, trash building up and trying to figure out best jet setup. This particular ride it was backfiring on decel and I noticed alot of air pushing up through the fuel supply line. It eventually died on me and now will not crank. I do notice a decline in compression when trying to kick it over and it sounds "hollow". I haven't had a chance to take the top end down or open up the carb, so I'm not sure if there is any damage. Just wanted to get an idea of where my problems might lie. Specifically why there was a steady stream of air bubbles coming from my carb back into the tank. Thanks for any help!

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