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I was rebuilding my bottom end in my 1999 wr400 because the crankshaft broke on it. Bought a 1998 yz400 crank to put in it and after measuring them, the can chain timing gear on the crank is ~0.5mm different between the two along the shaft. The rod bearings on the yz are also bigger but that shouldn't be an issue. Should I be ok or do I need to buy a wr specific crank off of fleabay?


Thanks for the responses!






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Hi from France , sorry for my bad english but i got good info for you

On wr400f u can change timing diagram just shifting the stock enduro camshaft , that make you same power of YZF engine .

Shifting only one teeth instead of stock marks

I made it long time ago after cylinder head tunning , but don't remember if i shifted both cams or only one .

Then ur engine will require probably more gas , care to don't go lean after this change : engine is like unrestricted and got more power in high rpm

If u scary about my tips , try to find another one to confirm u .

Good luck


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