Any hints on desmogging a xr650l

You have to go out and buy a block off kit. You can get one from IMS and a bunch of other companies. Hope this helps. :)

theres lots of info in the TT archives, on, and on the yahoo xr650 chat site...

Just did mine Sunday. Biggest deal was taking the tank off.

The instructions that come with the kits seem very vague :), (no pictures at all), but once you read them over a few times while looking at the bike closely, they started making sense. I found that removing the hose to the top of the airbox and to the 'T' by the canister, (the Toro sprinkler head looking thing), to allow the removal of the cannister gave me easier access to the crankcase vent hose. The vacuum hoses to the carb, one on each side, are no problem, but have some patience getting the plastic caps included in the kit on. Especially the one on the right side. They will go, but go slow. The block-off plates go on easily just below the exhause ports, but having some T-handled allen wrenches would help, especially on the right side, (not alot of room for L-shaped). Took me about an hour, most of which was removing and replacing my Acerbis 5 gal tank.

I haven't done anything to my intake or exhaust yet, (snorkel, filter, jets, etc.), but did notice alot less popping upon deceleration after installing the kit. I will be keeping my smog stuff around to put it back on in 2006 for my next Missouri state inspection though. :D

Hope it all goes well for you. :D

Fun Ridin!

Mike in KC :D

Keep all the hoses you remove from the block off work. You'll need to cut one down from the air pump and relocate it, routing it from the crankcase breather to (one of) the airbox inlet nipples. Take your time and don't cut them too short. You can trim them down after some trial fittings.

Get some good hose clamps and zip ties, too. The stock "quick-clamps" are basically worthless in my opinion. They don't hold or seal for sh_t.

Cut down and reroute your gas tank breather tube (if you have one) over the bars and down the head tube.

Look at the carb vent hoses (and all the other ones) and make sure there aren't any interference issues after you monkey around with the other ones. Remember, if it isn't bullet-proof, it isn't acceptable.

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