426 clutch

i am putting 2001 inner cluch parts in my 2000 426. does the flat washer go in first and then the concave one that says "outside." please tell me if this is correct.

If you go to Motoman's website, he has a parts microfiche you can download that will show you where everything goes. If you have the parts manual it will show you also. I don't have my manual with me or I could help you out more. Here is the link:



Yes the flat washer goes on first

then the spring washer

and the special fiber plate goes at the bottom of the stack

also I think the push lever (lever on the left side of motor that the cable hooks to) is shorter on the 2001.

I did this mod and my clutch went from grabbie to draging. I think the 2001 lever would have fixed that but I changed it back anyway

Let me know how you like it, maybe I'll try it again


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