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Input pleeese 350 or 500 exc

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I really hope you guys can help me on a dicision. I keep going back and forth on which bike for pureb fun factor. Narrowed down to these: 2012 500 exc or 2013 350 exc. The newer 350 is two houndred cheaper with a thousand less miles than the 500. Both these bikes are several hour drive apart from my house.. I should test ride both but really not up to driving a full day to ride them. Can I get some opinions on which to go for. My intended use will be 30% twisty mountain blacktop 50% loose twisty gravel fire roads and 20% singletrack rocks/ roots. I'm thinking 500exc would be more adrenaline rush and who wouldn't love all that torque. But It seemsnthe 350 is a slightly better deal. 

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