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My 2007 Suzuki rmz450 has just recently started giving me hell. I was cruising around yesterday and all of a sudden I couldn't upshift. I tried down shifting as I was slowing and it wouldn't work either and the bike stalled. I tried to kick it over after I stopped and got it into neutral and it wouldn't turn over and the kickstarter started kickback almost every kick. Then the kickstarter seized on me. I tried to slowly push it by hand. Then tried shifting up into top gear to push it for troubleshooting, and it wouldn't shift past second. So pushed it back home in neutral and took of the the leftist engine cover to crank over the cam shaft. It moved fine and unstuck the kickstarter. Put the cover back on added the required oil. Then the gears started getting more finicky. It would budge at all at first then would only shift the odd time intermittently, but no higher than 3rd. Tried putting it in neutral and kickstarting it and it just kicked back every time. Im guessing the overall problem with the transmission could be the gear forks, gearshift cam, or gearshift pawl? Im interested in what everyone else thinks in what is the problem here with the kickback and shifting, as I am a newb.


Thanks much appreciated

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