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2007 CRF250R glowing head pipe

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 Bought a used 250 R had to rebuild the upper end and will not start but bump starts instantly after starting I have to back the air screw out five turns for it to stop glowing slightly choke on the head pipe is fine and I don't think it's a jetting issue any help would be appreciated

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1. please use punctuation so our heads don't explode

2. your pipe will glow in 1 to 2 min of idling, because it is a race bike. Not supposed sit and idle

3. Fuel screw is for adjusting / compensating for air density issues. 1.5 turns is about right.  It does nothing after 2 turns out

4. You may have a jetting problem, or a partially clogged jet, or passage, or bad hot start, or an air leak at the pipe mount, etc etc, if it is a real issue


Time to do some maintenence.


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