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Hey all,

Any help is very much appreciated.

I have a DRZ400SM and was experiencing a few flat spots on the highway, meaning that when I hit 40mph the bike just lagged and then returned to normal at 45mph, happened again between 60-65 and 70-75mph. After doing some research on the the web I thought it might be a dirty carb. I watched a few tutorials and took the carb out. It was clean from what I could see, so I put everything back together. After getting the bike put back together it wouldn't start. Finally when I put it the petcock on Prime it started up, but when it started it was revving pretty high.

I thought the revving was because I needed to adjust the throttle cable. So I adjusted the cable and started it again. After starting and sounded right it stalled. I figured it stalled  because it was cold or there was only a little fuel in the system. I left it for a couple days and started it again. Everything seemed fine for the first couple blocks to the gas station, but then I noticed the bike wanted to stall. As I rode back home the bike struggled to make it and was back firing like crazy.

Once home I noticed that the couple days I left the bike sit, it was in the Prime position.

Ok, a few questions:

I'm questioning whether I put the carb back in properly, thats why it didnt start initially. How can I check?

It does start, but only in Prime. Wont start in On or Reserve position. Did leaving it Prime flood the carb?

Why is it back-firing so much?

I know these might be big broad questions, but ANY help is greatly appreciated!





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