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My best friend decided to ditch me in Utah and move to LA for a job with one of his college buddies. While living in LA, they decided to create a competition to measure their manhood. Unfortunately the two of them were not on equal ground to compete in their normal lives, so they decided to pick up a sport that neither of them knew much about. Dirt bikes. They both bought small dual sport bikes that they could ride around town and hit any trails in their area without having to haul their bikes around on a trailer. The ultimate goal was to see who could become the better rider within a defined period of time. 

Well that period of time passed and they were both close enough in skill level that they decided that they needed to create a true competition out of the process, so they decided to buy two identical BMW 650s and create a race from LA to Las Vegas comprised of mostly dirt trails, the prize? A title that would live through the ages: "Beter man for all time."

I dont want to take his thunder in telling the story, but I thought you guys would like to hear the story as it is an adventure I think we can all appreciate:



Here is a link to the actual story: http://www.factorytwofour.com/the-bet-overland-motorcycling-pt-1/ note that the story is divided into parts with corresponding links to the next piece of the story.

Hope you enjoy!

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