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GYTR Exhaust + BBR Cradle Fitment

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My son's bike is an '06 TTR 125 LE (big wheel, electric start).

We got it used and it had a GYTR Exhaust on it and the previous owner also put a different carburetor on it - explaining to me that a larger carb was recommended.  I know nothing about this but I know it's not the factory carb.

I wanted to get a BBR Cradle on it and we had to remove the exhaust in order to take out the factory motor mount bolts.

The cradle went on with no issues but we can't reinstall the GYTR Exhaust as it interferes with the cradle.

01.)  Grind the cradle down and/or try to reshape the exhaust?

02.)  Purchase an original OEM exhaust system... but would I have to go back to a factory carb?

03.)  Any other ideas... (returning the cradle isn't really and option - this was a Christmas gift and my son is really expecting it to stay on)

Thanks for any guidance, assistance, info... I really appreciate it!!!


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01.) Don't ruin your cradle by grinding on it.  Don't waste time reshaping because it's a PITA and your fitment will be off at the muffler end.

02.) Don't purchase an OEM exhaust system because it is the same out, down, up and around set of bends as the GYTR, and will also hit the cradle. 

03.) Get an FMF exhaust (or similar) which is straight out and around (no up and down section) and is no where near the cradle. The stock side heat shield can be reused on an FMF.  Why go back to a factory carb ??  If it was running fine before with the GYTR, I wouldn't think an FMF would make much difference. At least not enough that some minor carb tweaking should fix it.

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Thank you very much ttrlouis... yes, the bike runs great... the previous owner is an mx racer and this was his wife's bike - they moved and were not going to have any trail riding in their area so they decided to get rid of the ttr before they moved.  It starts in 1-3 kicks, no choke - no joke.  So changing the set up is something I wasn't really wanting to monkey with.  Between me and my man-cubs I've got 4 bikes to maintain and I just don't need any unnecessary headaches!

I'll definitely take a look at that FMF system!

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