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Decipher my shim stacks 2006 YZ250

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After not riding for over 10 years I decided to get my 2006 YZ250 out of the shed and service it.

I want to thank everybody on this forum for giving me tips and advice on getting it set up and ready to ride again.

I opened the front forks to change oil, seals and clean it.

This is what I found and it does not match with anything close to a stock shim stack. I use to send out to be serviced.


Nut, Cap, spring,


Gold Valve (35 out diameter, 28.42 inner diameter)

6 -30.15


5 - 26.15



2 - 28.1

2- 26.1

2 - 24.1

2- 22.1

2 - 20.1

2- 18.11

washer 20 1.6


nut, washer (13 2.2), spacer (12 4.75)









3 - 20.1

Gold valve - bleed hole drilled (24 diameter)

4 - 20.1






2 -14.1



When I tighten the nut there is no movement from the MV washers above on the spring. The spacer seems to have been put there to close this gap.

In the past I have sent out to be serviced. I use to race MX (before grey hair and kids), I want to set back up for a beginner and go from there. I thought I would just put back to stock set up as my base going forward. It looks like I would need to buy numerous shims to do that. Before I do that I wanted some opinions on this set up and what I can expect from this configuration and what/why this was to accomplish. I know it is my bike, but I was lazy in the past to have done by somebody else without knowing what or why. 

I would like to have set up for beginner, fat 220lbs MX rider and modify from there as I get more comfortable riding again.

Your thoughts on this set up, why the strange pattern to the shims when compared to stock, can I use this set up for now or if I should go back to stock set up and buy new shims.

Thanks for your advice.


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If you have no float it will be stiff for sure

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