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06' YZ250F fresh rebuild, possible valve noise?

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Hi Everyone

Last week I purchased an '06 YZ250F that had been freshly rebuilt by a mechanic at the local Yamaha dealership, it got a new crank, bearings, piston, valves, timing chain, oil pump. I'm assuming it was an '06 that never got brought in for the valve recall and wound up going kaboom? (it has no stamping by the 4th VIN digit)

Anyways, I've got about 3 hours on and am noticing the "valve clattering/ valve noise" that seems to be quite popular for YZ250f's in threads and Youtube videos

I pulled the Cam Cover and plastic plugs to access the crank and timing mark, rolled it counter clockwise to TDC and checked the valve clearances, they're all right on the money (Intake's would accept a .13mm but not a .15mm, Exhaust would accept a .20mm but not a .23mm) and the timing chain is very tight so I  wouldn't assume it's the tensioner going weak

Looking closer at the camshafts they appeared to be new as well with no galling or wear marks of any kind

Also I checked the oil pressure and it drools out oil after about 4-5 seconds of running

So I guess I'm wondering if it's just a little noisy from not being broke in yet?


Thanks, Jake

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