Panoram/Endurance computer getting wet?

Mine faded after a rain ride. Anyone else have this problem - and a solution? I was thinking about putting plastic wrap over it when I know it will be really wet.


I would suggest that you take it off your bike and throw it in the trash. I know it sounds pessimistic, but I am not a fan. I went through 3 of them in about as many months. The mounting slides kept breaking. A buddy of mine also broke 2 of them.

I never had a problem with it getting wet, but then again, it does not rain too often down here. Try silicone or maybe the plastic wrap will also work.

Good luck.

yep, my buddy's mounting tabs broke and the computer went sailing down the road. so i took mine off and sure enough it was starting to break, too. coincindentally, it stopped working all together a couple days ago because the insides rattled apart :D:):D

Yeah, I am sure that there are many others who have encountered the same problem. Did you ever figure out a way to makeit better or at least to keep it from breaking. I strapped on a zip tye and that worked for a while , but it was harder to read the numbers under that and it also looked uglier than sin.

Anyhow...such is life with crap products like that. I just ordered another type of speedo I will let you all know how it works as soon as I get is.

I never had a problem with it getting wet, but then again, it does not rain too often down here.

Chuckle. When I first arrived in La Paz, I started putting in underground conduit for network cabling between buildings and was a little concerned that they were building the tops of the underground wiring vaults too close to grade. "Don't worry," I was told, "it never rains here." Well, OK, they're the natives.

Needless to say, the first hurricane that came through dumped an incredible amount of water on the place in an eyeblink and all our vaults became swimming pools. Sigh. They now extend several inches above grade.

True, it doesn't rain here... very often, that is. :)


I went to Trail Tech's website, got 15% off on another one (out of warranty). I ride my BRP to work, so I need to have an idea about how fast I'm going (actually the Max Speed feature is the best part!) I WILL try plastic wrap next time though. Thanks! :)

This is an interesting speedo setup: cateye speedo

I buy in motorcycle shop the motorcycle dashboards (90.00), but after the buy, the salesman show me the billet mounting

bracket protector (30.00), this solve the problem only add

flexible mounting (grommets),and use clear tape to protec it from dust

I made a bracket out of 1mm(?) thick aluminum plate. You can see it at:

The curved edge and the length between the bar bolts have rolled edges

to add a bit of structure. To bolt their bracket flat to a plate, you

have to either shave off the excess of the toothed wheel (for their clamp

on bracket) that hangs below the surface, or put a spacer between the unit

and the mounting plate (I did the former). It is tucked in out of the way

of damage. I thought of using the original 6mm mounting holes in the top

clamp that were for the stock odometer, but that put it down too low and

made the cross bar interfere with visibility.

Oh, and I didn't like the idea of slicing and gluing the hyd. brake line

guide hoops, so I cut their wire about 6" from the unit and added a small

plug there. The wires are fine, but can be soldered to etc. I taped the

off-cut of a cable tie parallel to the wire and across the plug to ensure

the wires didn't flex too much and break where they were soldered to the

plug. This also makes sure the plug doesn't un-plug.


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