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Notes on Tubliss and UHD tubes

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I found a bunch of notes on mounting Tubliss, UHD tube thickness, etc. Put them up here:


Hope this info helps those considering options or installing Tubliss.

Also the CRF230F Shop Notebook is now 100 pages of info, much of it from this forum


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Interesting that the tubliss is actually lighter than the HDs.  With that said, I stopped running the HD tubes after I actually weighed them.  I'm now using standard tubes and haven't had any issues (yet).  For my use and riding, I don't think the tubliss is warranted but recognize that some of you guys are really crushing it out there. 


Oddly, I HAVE considered putting a tubliss in the front of my XR100.  I think I actually ride that bike harder than the 230.

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