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Acerbis 3.7 install question

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I bought an e model tank and was about to fill with gas and then realized. What do I do with the stock vent line that connected on my S model stock tank. This hose runs to my stock carb. ( it's not the fuel line I'm talking about, it's the other line on the right hand side of the old tank you have to disconnect to remove tank. Should I just plug it? Or do I run a vent line from the top of the acerbis gas cap and connect it to the hose?

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and I don't think it would be a good idea to run it to top of the tank. your mixture could be unstable probably depending on gas level in tank. unlikely the vapor in tank will be the ideal mixture of air/gas :)

vacuum lines to carb should be connected to closed systems otherwise it will suck air and make mixture lean. from tank I can't predict what will happen.

just plug it.

btw, I want the same tank, but I can't justify the price when I already have a ~4 gal (I think IMS) tank :D Natural just looks ugly :(

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