Brand new?Is it worth it?

I am debating whether buying a brand new bike or what. I have alot of problems with used bikes i buy,I can get a leftover 01 yz426 for 5600 taxes and all and i would be able to pay it off in a few months after i buy my bike. Is it worth dishing out the extra money for a new bike?

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I think that it is, unless you know the used bikes history well and you're comfortable with it. When you buy new you know that no one has done anything funny to the motor or other parts that you won't notice until it breaks on you. Just my $.02, but I personally like new.

However on the price, I'm not sure what area you're in but that price sounds a little high for a 01 to me at this point in time.

What are you planning to spend on a used bike? I still see them going for $4000 or so for a decent one. With some research you should be able to get a new 2002 bike for under $5500 shipped. That's only about 25% less for the used bike - IMHO not a very good deal UNLESS you know the bike's history intimately (bought it from a friend). Although I have friends I would NEVER buy a bike from! :)

The link THUMPIN ROCK HUCKER posted was for a company that a bunch of TTers have bought Canadian bikes from. Click here to go straight to there prices page ==>


Thats a yes and no question

Yes its worth it to buy a used bile (As stated earlier) if you know the history of the bike. In my case I got a 00 for 4500 with 10 hours on the motor, The Guy got the bike rode it twice it scarred the Baggeppers out of him and he hit a tree. His wifeee said enough and I got.

No if you have the money to buy the new, a wife that dosnt care and your free to get what you want

There is no mistake though New is always better,


New may be the worse Bugs, fixes and so on, Somtimes you will find a used with all the tricks in it.... :)

Just me $4.26 worth

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How do they do that? :):D:D:D

yea no wife or anything holding me down i think i might go with new but where did you say i can get one for 5500 online?

Originally posted by RUTHLESSROOSTER:

yea no wife or anything holding me down i think i might go with new but where did you say i can get one for 5500 online?

Read the posts above. Click on the links provided.

I bought my left over 01 for $4500. Still in the crate . ( they assembled of course ) . They offered me an 02 for $5200 But I figured I would use the extra $ to buy bars and other such gear . I bought it at Glens Sport Center in Shelden Iowa.I dont know if they have anymore or not but I will try to find his website .

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Used bikes are not bad as long as you have mechanical ability and can evaluate them when going to look. Bring a compression tester and check that. Check the wheels, spokes, everything. You can also generally get a good idea about how a bike was maintained based on the person who owned it and their appearance, the way they keep their house, the type of job they have, blue collar, white collar, etc. Get to know them a little as you are evaluating the bike because it is what this person did or did not do when new that ultimately determines what goes wrong with that machine. I would not pay a premium for a bike who was purchased new by someone besides the seller; do not buy something that has been bought and sold many times because it is too hard to keep track of everything. I bought an 01 426 the other day with quite a bit of packaged new aftermarket parts like a chain, sprockets, air and oil filters, brake pads, plastic, an IMS tank and grips for 4k. There are good deals out there just do not get wrapped in one particuler bike you go to see. Be prepared to to walk away and forget it. A good way to do that is only bring as much money as you are willing to spend. A fan of cash in front of a seller who needs money is hard to resist. If you want new, will sell you a 02 for 5300.

Hope this helps.

The '01 YZF would be an excellent bike to buy as a leftover, but not for $5600. Yamaha incented its dealers $300 for this model, so dealer cost of approx$5100-$300 incentive = $4800. Forget about setup! A bike thats been on a dealers floorplan over a year is hurting him bad! I wouldn't pay any more than $4900 out the door (including taxes etc!) If they won't deal, walk.

Check out, I've seen '02's w/little time on them for less than $5000.

Good Luck!

I bought my 01 used and have had 0 problems. Like said above you need to check it out. I just look for tell tale signs of how much the thing has been ridden and also ask a lot of questions. If you go to look at a bike and everything else the guy has is trashed/falling apart or a mess, that might be a clue to stay away.

My first post, how proud.

Just picked up my 426 two weeks ago, its a 2002 and it ran $5,100 before taxes, so around $5,500 after uncle sam slapped me on the helmet. I did price checking and haggled with several dealers in and around Nv, Ut. In other words, $5,600 for a 2001 is insane if you can possibly hold out and do some more research in your area.


I paid $5600 otd for a new 01' back in June of 01' here in DE..

I also like new, but that price is way too high.

Just my opinion.


I also vote

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It is nice knowing where your bike has been and whos been into it but you save a bundle off one that just rolled off the showroom floor.

(Mabye someone that couldnt make the payments? :) )

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i say yes. there is nothing i nthe world like a new freash bike that is yours from the start. only down side is you have toi watch as it gets bent, scratched, broken, etc. i bought a 2000wr400 at the end of 2000 for 58 out the door. would have been cheaper but it was from canada and they cost the dealer 500 more too buy. it was the last one and the price before tax was lower then what they paid. i also worked at the dealer so that helped.

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Since the going price for a 426 nowadays is around $5300 (since many dealers are expecting the 450 next year, and want to move the 426's) If you can find a good deal on a used bike then go ahead and buy...but if it will only be a couple hundred more dollars then buy a new one.

If you can find one for sale by a active member on TTalk that would be the best route for a used bike. Because if a person cares enough to take part in an online 4 stroke forum...then chances are they take better care of their bike than the "average" person (changing oil, lubing bearings, etc, etc)

Good Luck with your purchase!

Garrett </CENTER>

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Hey well i made a down payment on the bike today so i will have it may 3rd(my birthday). I know I didnt get the best deal but this is the only new one i could find in my area, and i dont want to wait much longer for a bike. I hope its like my stolen yz400 if not better.

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