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Newbie swingarm mistake

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On 4/29/2017 at 9:25 AM, Pastmyprime214 said:

I was attempting to take out the swingarm bearings this morning on a build I'm doing. The good news is, they came out. The bad news is, the socket scored the swingarm holes bad. How would I repair this?


What is the year and model of the bike?

IMO sockets normally do not have sharp edges so are you sure that was the cause or was it already like that?

I just did mine and on my CRF and if mine looked like that I MIGHT use some finer emery cloth and just do a couple of swipes then clean and blow out with compressed air before re-installing the main bearings. As tip, if you are using a vise a socket, use a big enoough socket and use the back side of the socket against the main bearings so when you push them in, the bearing will be perfectly flush with the inner lip. The tolerances are extremely tight and if you do not have the main bearings installed correctly, you will not be able to re-install the swing arm into the frame.

If you are missing parts, I WOULD NOT reassemble it and ride but that's just me. Which of these parts are missing ? (this is from my bike)


And this was how bad my lower linkage was (after 11 years of neglected). I soaked all the rear suspension stuff with lots of PB Blaster for 24 hours. Still had to use heat on these and used a larger wedge anchor (for $3) to push out the bind bearings. 2nd pic as after the new bearing were in.



The swing arm bolt was seized but after a good soak it and the bearings came out easy with no heat 🙂

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Heat the swingarm. With a torch. Don't hold torch in one spot. When spit sizzles heat a touch longer and install bearings.
Easiest way is put swingarm in oven at 350 degrees. Bearings should go in easy.
I always use heat unless I am on the trail.

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IMO I would put the bearings in the freezer rather than heating the parts they are going into if you are having issues re-installing.

All mine went ii perfectly with out having to freeze.

Personally I only use heat as a last resort for removal but that's me.

Another tip if you are using a vice/sockets to remove/install IMO its a 2 person job

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