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Barn find EI/lectron carb

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Hey all, 

First post here but have learnt alot from your guys post's and recently did the 01 to 05 cr250 engine swap (nearly done). 

My family friend recently passed away and he has been a motor cycle mechanic and enthusiast since for his whole life.

His barn and treasure trove of motorcycle parts are being sorted by my father and myself. 

I have found this EI/sw engineering carburetor and all the information i can find is that its a early lectron type. 

Since its boxed as a 38mm two stroke im assuming apart from getting the main needle correct it should tune itself. 

However i cant find any info on which needle to use ( EI9, EI10 or EI11) or how to set it up accordingly. 

If this a just a museum piece im excited to have something to box and have to remember my friend. 

Thanks for your help. 


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Looks a bit different from the Lectron I recently took off my bike fer sure. Call David at Lectron: 254-857-3828 and ask him...Have him tell you where to send a pic as well for easier ID.

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