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Motion Pro cables junk?

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A couple years ago the clutch cable on my street bike (Yamaha FZ1) broke but luckily I was able to somehow rig something together to get me home. So in order to play it safe I went ahead and replaced the clutch cable on my '02 XR 400 just to be safe. I figured it was over 13 years old and I didn't want to be stranded out in the middle of a ride. I took the OEM cable off and replaced it with a Motion Pro (Jan 2013). Fast forward to yesterday out riding at Gorman and my clutch pull feels kinda strange. Give the cable a quick glance and it's all frayed to hell! Are their cables crap? Anybody else have this experience?


I still have the OEM cable. Should I slap it back on there or buy another cable?


Here's the Motion Pro:




Here's the OEM:




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I've used lots of motion pro cables, without issue. Might want to look at the pocket for the cable end in the lever to see if it is galled and causing the damage. I will add, I'm a big fan of aftermarket lever/perch sets that have a ball bearing in the pivot versus the brass bushing. Much smoother, and easier pull. MSR makes a nice piece here:



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