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Kickstart problems and broken pieces

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Hey guys I have an 85 xr250. I cannot get the kickstart to work properly. I can do top ends, jetting, everything but for some reason a measely kickstarter can kick my a$$. Here's the problem; bikes bottom end was taken apart by someone else and reassembled by same person, then given back to me. Upon further reassembly the kickstart would go down but not return, I tried winding it more before putting it all the way in,I tried less, I tried everything. Then it wouldn't move it all one of the times after reassembly.locked solid. It apart and find the broken pieces on the side case, looks like the kickstart can rammed into it. Pulled the pieces out reassembled it with thin washers to simulate a new gasket and then it would return just not to the correct place. Are the pieces necessary to function? Or can I remove them and be fine? I do not use the decompressor mechanism at all, it was taken off before I got the bike, and honestly I doubt a xr would need it. I don't think I'm missing anything on the kickstart mechanism, I checked the microfiche, and I swear there was something for the dots on the kickstart cam to line up with but see nothing, and my manual also says nothing. Any help greatly appreciated, thanks




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