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91 Honda CR 500r

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I just recently bought this bike from a friend  at work who brought it from california 8 years ago. ..all he could tell me is that the piston did this during the break -in or just after..cylinder is perfect somehow head also. ..connecting rod seems fine and doesn't touch the crank at all. ...I have to bring this beast back from the dead and as reasonably  as possible. ..does anyone have any speculation as to why this piston would break this way and whether or not I should start with new piston and rings and seeing if it was something done wrong that caused this? Here are some pics...




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Rebuild the crank with a wossner or prox rod. I prefer to get them balanced at the same time for less vibes.

The piston was worn and cracked on the intake side from being loose. Bore the jug  as it's worn oval for sure. New crank bearings and seals. Check the right case for cracks near countershaft bearing while you are in there.

This is a common issue with motors that have lots of time and hard use.

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