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Ty Cullins wins 450 intermediate on a Beta 300

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Ty seems to be finding more speed on the MX track. That should transfer nicely to the Endurocross season. He has been training with Rodney Smith and I'm sure Chris (Dad) will have more details but this is great to see. Again, Beta competes with an Enduro bike and leaves others wondering what just happened.. It appears he has been running both 2t and 4t which is a bit unusual for most. I would think he'll be going Pro class soon in MX as the learning curve continues. I'm a bit curious about trials and other cross training? Also curious about Beta HQ and Motocross Action magazines opinions on the Beta's unusual results for a non MX model lately?


Here's a photo from another day since the photo with the story I can't find yet, good start for a 300 but not a hole shot based on that roost ahead of him.


This photo is from another race where he was riding a 4 stroke and also won.




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Well I had to work so I wasn't even there on Saturday. Good thing about him turning 18, he can finally go race without me. 

The 1st moto he not only won his class, but won the overall for the moto beating all the pros. They started on the same line.

To be honest though a lot of the fast guys like Justin Jones and others weren't there. When the pro's do start a row ahead with those guys on the line and a 20-30 second lead Ty gets lapped if he doesn't have a good moto.  I think he has at least another year before riding pro MX. It's way different than Endurocross!  

Trials isn't really a cross training tool, its his background. He's the top guy competing in trials here in SoCal. He didn't really get serious on a normal bike until he was 13. 

He would be racing the 350, but the suspension is off getting done right now. He loves the most recent set he got for the 300 and can't wait for the new stuff for his 350! Beta got a new suspension tuner a couple months ago.

Beside the suspension the only performance mod on the 300 is a high compression head that you can buy from Beta. 


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Thanks for the feedback. does Ty go by himself, or does he have a posse? If he started 30 seconds behind and caught all the slow Pro's, he's getting noticed for sure. does he intend to run any amateur MX like Loretta's, if not there is no need to protect his status (if he isn't already DQ'd by his Pro Endurocross status?) and he will get quicker moving up with the faster guys and learning their speed. I realize he probably has no aspirations for an MX career and it is all about gaining speed to compete with the Colton Haaker's of the world in Endurocross.

If you get a chance post up some Trials photos of you and he for us trials no nuthin's.

 It would be interesting to see lap times between the 4t and 2t once they both get the suspension sorted. It's good to know Beta is getting their in house suspension program in order.

I know you can't speak for others, but it's hard to imagine that all the recent MX success isn't drawing some curiosity (or more) from the MXA gang. They sure are posting up the photos in the race reports.

 I think the MX market is only about 1/3-1/4 the size of the Enduro market, but I think the MX side represents the majority of the brand marketing. If someone like Tim isn't at least curious that would be surprising. I think it is becoming more and more apparent that Beta has a competitive lineup of bikes for MX without any major redesign as has been so frequently supposed by many. I'm just wondering if they are aware of the untapped potential?

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Had to share these pics from last weekend. Somebody was standing a little too close ?

This weekend the pros and the INT's started together.  

I normally go with him, but this weekend he brought one of his motorcycle buddy's who has a broken foot right now. 

He would like to get fast enough one day to qualify for an outdoor national at least once. That's some pretty serious speed though! Of course it also couldn't happen on a Beta. Colton has ridden an outdoor national and in fact was a pro motocrosser before endurocross. 

I'll dig up some Trials pics. 




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