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yz250f idling issue

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I have a 2010 yz250f bored to 290.

when I start the bike up cold with choke on it starts great usually 2 or 3 kicks.

I will let it idle for about 30 seconds then push the choke in and it dies , starting the bike again is very hard unless I feather the throttle. when the bike is warm it idles ok but not great, then when I was riding today I was coming to a stop, pulled clutch in and it backfired then died. started again after about 6 or 7 kicks, continued my ride without an issue. the bike has a lot of hours  (probably close to 100) on same top end. I've never had to adjust the valves (checked them in spring).

I'm thinking its just the pilot jet but not sure, any suggestions?


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