Montana ThumperTalk Riders?

Buying some land near Deerlodge, MT. Any riders in the area?

Rep, I'm gonna jump on your Montana post 'cause I've been meaning to ask this...

I go down to Whitefish, MT a fair bit. Any TTalkers in the Flathead valley? I'd love a tour of the trails in that area.

Looks like it's just you and me. Give me a shout when you come down and we'll explore together. I'll be there from July 15 to August 15.

Anyone else game?


I'll be in the Bitterroot valley for a couple of weeks in July. How's the riding up there? I'll be bringing my WR with me. I've been on quite a few logging roads up there but no single track yet.


I've been as far north as Polson. That's some beautiful country isn't it.


Haven't been riding there yet but it looks like there's plenty of opportunity.

Bringing a WR and an XR and a couple of guys are supposed to be coming w/ yz 426's but you know how that goes. We're all from socal.

The place has a bunkhouse that's pretty liveable so you're certainly welcome to come and do your own thing. I'm told you can take a canoe 60 miles into Missoula for a beer. Guess we'd have to paddle back. Nothing Lewis and Clark couldn't do.

Keep in touch.

You're right Mike, that whole area is awesome. I've been going down there for years, but have never taken the bike for lack of trail knowledge---I really like knowing where I'm going or being with someone who does!

Both of you keep me posted on your trips, 'cause it's only a 4.5 hour drive for me to come down to the Kalispell area. Rep, where is Deerlodge---sound closer to Missoula?

Figures I just move to Texas and now their is a site with people from MT trying to get together a ride. I do still have a twin brother in Great Falls with a 2000 wr 400. Our family has a cabin at Seleey lake just south of flathead Great place to ride. If I can teach him how to use a computer he would love to show you guys the area. I am planning on bringing my 2000 yz426 back for 3 to 4 weeks Maybe we could plan some riding trips.

Sounds good guys! Let's all stay in touch. Anybody else up for a big sky ride?



It's right by Drummond which is 60 miles south of Missoula. I've got plenty of maps so we'll make out.

I got some pretty cool pictures, anyone know how to add them?

Don't mean to but in I usually post on the YZ side but Someone over there taught me how and it is so simple that even I can do it.

try this

........pix addr from other web site

here is the web addr for the explanation




That's not thunder ridin' your BUTT .........

It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

Hello everyone, If you are in or around the Great Falls area, give me a call or an e-mail. There are some great places to ride in the Little Belts. We also ride up in Lincoln MT. Talk to you soon.


I live in Harlowton. 130 miles from Great Falls. I also ride in the Little Belts .I live only 6 miles from them. Should get together for a ride sometime. Later.

My best bud moved to Redlodge a few years ago. He and his son are getting into dirtbikes now. Anyone have any local knowledge on riding around there I can pass along?

BTW, I am a 1981 graduate of MSU in Bozeman. Go Cats!


Steve W.

01' 400exc

01' YZ250F (son's)

How did they do in football this year??

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