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New Senge Graphics on TTR 125

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I thought I would share my experience putting new Senge Graphics on my daughters 2003 TTR 125. Bought an entire set from Senge Graphics. They arrived in a couple days in a well protected package. I bought a heat gun to help and followed the instructions on the package. There are numerous instructional videos on YouTube as well. The heat gun was very helpful in removing the stock decals as well as the Decal Worx stickers on the number plates that were existing. I was impressed with the thickness and stickiness of the Decal Worx stuff. I figure they have been on there for about 7 years. We are at least the 3rd owner of this bike. I used an entire can of Goof Off removing the glue from all the surfaces. Washed everything with soap and water. Let the bike and parts dry overnight. Following the Senge instructions and using a spray bottle of water, dish soap and rubbing alcohol to spray down the stickers and area before placing the stickers made a world of difference. Do not attempt with this piece. I also found that a slightly damp paper towel made a better squeegee than an actual squeegee for working out any bubbles and making sure the sticker was contacting all surfaces. The heat gun came in handy here as well for helping the stickers lay down and curve over the various pieces. Took about 2-3 hours to do them all. 

So far I like the Senge product. Lots of choices for different styles and colors, but she wanted to stick with the blue. We will see how they hold up. 






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