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Suzuki jr50 1999 no spark

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hey guys, first post but have been using the forums for a while.

anyways i have a 99 suzuki jr 50 that just at the end of the winter 2 years ago stopped running.  i figured id get to it now and get it running.  there is no spark.  i changed the spark plugs to several i knew worked.  nothing.  i put a small screw driver in the plug boot and held it while turning over the engine, nothing.  so i decided since they were relatively inexpensive i ordered a new stator and ignition coil.  replaced both the old ones, put everything back together and no spark.  

now the problem is that there is only 2 items for the electrical system, i replaced them both and i still have no power.  ive disconnected the kill switch so i know that's not causing a problem.  

does anyone have any ideas?  is there something im missing?  this little bike seems pretty straight forward.  ive worked on my vinson 500, and my gs500 and have never had this kind of issue and they are way more complicated.

im all out of swear words!

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