Why do people convert a WR to a YZ?

Yep. It was delivered to the house today when I was at work. Couldn't get home fast enough. :D Stuck the sproket on and threw the wheel at the swing arm and bolter her in. She's ready to rock now :)


Can't wait to get mine done

I bought my yz with intent to do more moto and some play riding now I find myself 95% trails and 5% track if that but I acutally like it for the single track around here. once you weight the flywheel and gear it down abit they do ok. But I find my self really wanting a wr tranny next bike for sure a wr450 yz'd out a little bit.

I thought about this subject a great deal since I've recently rediscovered how much fun it is to ride MX tracks, but decided that there is no way to make the perfect do-everything bike. I don't want to give up my WR, but it is a little porky on an MX track. So, I've decided that to be happy, I'll need one of each.

Since I just bought the WR, it will probably take a year to convince my wife, but the plan is to have an '06 YZ450F.

Everyone needs one of each. :cry:

Is there any difference in suspension between the WR and YZ? Can you safely land big jumps on a WR?

I think I would benefit from the wider ratio transmission on the WR more than anything. I'll gladly take the E-start too.

the wr will take some jumps but has over all softer valving and springs than the yz. If you really plan on motoing the wr it needs to lose some weight or get stiffer suspension. But for a woods bike it does pretty good on a track.

I take mine on a motocross track quite a bit, but most of the jumps are tabletops that allow you to land either on the down slope or top, although some are pretty large. I am amazed at how well the stock suspension works being that this is a woods/desert bike. The main issue for me for MX is not the suspension, but the weight. For instance there is a set of whoops, 6 in all that you can make 2-2-2 once you learn to keep the momentum, but the fast MX guys can do 3-3. Keep that in mind and you can play all day on an MX track. One thing it does do well on an MX track, and that is haul ass. The motor is freekin awesome. I can't wait to ride it in a '06 YZ frame.

My second bike is going to be a 250 smoker... if I am going to have two bikes I am going to have polar opposites, WR450 and YZ250.

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