front brake bleed

i felt that the front brake is a bit soft so i tried to bleed it. i did it a few times , everything looks fine before i close it, but when i close the resevoir and start riding i feel the lever soft again, sometimes its hard but most of the times its soft and dont stop right...

need a few tips for troubleshuting please.

Hey Gal,

In regards to bleeding the brakes, are you bleeding them from the bleeder screw at the caliper? Have you changed anything in the brake system? Anyway get a squeeze bottle or a Large syringe, anything you can hook a tube onto that is the same size as the bleeder screw. Now take off the cap of the master cylinder. Fill the syringe or bottle with fresh brake fluid, hook tube to the bleeder screw, loosen screw and squeeze bottle or syringe slowly all while watching the level in the master cylinder. This will force all of the air out of the system. Good Luck. Cya

hi fastest1

i just installed the trailtech panoram and new brake pads today, but it was soft one ride before i installed the pads and the odometer to the caliper.

what do u think of openning the screw that conect the brake hose to the caliper , remove all the old fluid and put new fluid?

Hey Gal,

Try this: Connect a hose to the bleed screw (battery vent hose is best), and put it in a bottle, where brake fluid covers the end of the hose. Start pumping the brake lever, always keeping it full. After all the old fluid is washed out, pull the lever in about half way. This will expose the return hole in the master cylinder, and the air bubbles will start exiting the top.

Or, you could get the CR style brake line, and have much better brakes... I'll be taking orders soon :)

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