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TTR-125 Rear Sprocket - fitment?

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I have a 2004 TTR-125.  I ordered a rear sprocket from RM (actually a chain & sprocket set).  The bolt pattern on the rear sprocket was way too large to fit my hub (but same size as my 1973 CT-175).  RM says that it should fit a 2002-010 (or something like that).

Anyhow, I see that a 200-2001  TTR-125 takes a different rear sprocket, so I ordered one.

Maybe I have a 2004, with a 2000 wheel?

It is a big wheel (19 front and 16 rear).

Anyone know if I will get the right one?  How many sizes can there be?

54 tooth, if that matters. (had a 49, but trying to gear down).

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Yes, maybe you do have a 2004 model where somebody in the past mounted a 2000 model year rear wheel.

On the first couple of model years, the rear sprocket mounting holes were closer together than the later model years.

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