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Looking for setup feedback

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I'm a old novice riding 06 crf450 MX. Last 6 weeks I've been bouncing back and forth attending schools on Tuesday hard pack SX style track and Saturdays at "home" sand-mix track. Tampa and Dade City Florida.

So I went up 3mm on forks this weekend cause inside lines were still tough at sand-mix track. Haven't changed clicks between 2 tracks. Don't think clicks are best at either, but better at hard pack. Gonna take a big swing this weekend, plan to go in 2 and 3 front RB and Comp respectively. In 1/2 turn HSC plus in 2 RB and Comp for mix track and return to current for hard pack. Unfortunately with only three 15 min practice sessions it's tough to tune at track as I should. Suspension has JM Racing stickers but unknown if revalved. Fresh rebuild to both over winter. Sag was 105, then down to 100 before above changes. Sag change helped turn at both.

Thanks in advance for constructive feedback.

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