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yz125 clutch slip

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Hello Gentlemen, recent rebuild. 1992 D1 model. dozen track ( old man rider) days? changed oil few times from belray gear 80; yamalube 2-40, sae 10-30 like shop manual says. Had 15-40 gtx and took a stab, kind of a compromise between the others, right? clutch slips 1500-2500? rpms, then grabs, light load even.. 2nd gear & up flawless reguardless of load.Consistantly & noticeably. Changed oil to Valvoline 10-40 cycle oil "great for wet clutch performance". Slip reduced, 5 min ride time light load. Change again ( to flush), slip reduced further but still there. Are my friction plates contaminated? 90% new of spec. Same w/ steel plates & almost new (in spec) nos springs. Smart old guy / trans mechanic I work with has put limited slip plates in hot tank (boiled) and seen them come out like new ( homeowner put wrong fluid in diff). Boil? Replace? Any help / experience greatly apprecieated. You Too Doc :)....Mark

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