fork seal driver - what size

i want to built my own fork seal driver . what size of pvc do i need to get?

PVC? Are you serious? The forks are 46mm.

ive heard of pvc being used but never seen it done. Good luck with it.

I successfully made a PVC pipe driver LOL! But everything I make is "jimmy rigged" :) I just couldnt justify spending $60 for a tool I would use 2-3x a year! It only cost me about $2 for an 8ft pipe (and I still have 7.9 ft of it LOL) Here is the link with pics Good Luck,


I like PVC the best but I've also used the old seal, hack sawed through it, sliped it around the leg and used it to push the new seal into place.

I used a 1-1/2" coupling...schedule 40 pvc. I split it in half, and just tapped it down with a rubber hammer. Worked great.

Oh Maaaaaannnnnn!

Now ya say somthing, Geez did I screw up,

I used a 4 tone metel press at my friends Mchine shop. Ths seal went in real good and quick, but Now I only have 3" Travel :)

Motomans CHEEPO tool works great

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