PLEASE HELP!!! XR600/628 Performance Cam Selection

One of my cam lobes has a groove in it (along with the rocker arm) so I am in the market for another. It has a 628 kit in it (not HRC, JE 10.5:1) and was wondering what the best performing cam would be for my application. It has an aftermarket cam in it right now but I don't know what it is because the part number engraved on it doesn't seem to match any numbers I have seen for others but it does have a W- on it so I think it might be a White Brothers. Please list any pros/cons of cams you have tried, or have heard about. I mainly ride in the Glamis dunes and want something that will work best for racing hills. I have a JE 100mm 10.5:1 piston and a Niks Pro-X rod. My head has some porting work done to the intake passage and I just got an Edelbrock pumper carb that I haven't used with it yet. What do you think would work best? Also does anyone have any other motor tips that would help me beat my friends stock '03 YZ250? Thanks

if i was you i would call Rob Barnum and go over it with him. He knows that motor well...

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