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1981 XT250 camshaft compatability

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I recently bought a 1981 xt250, i got it started and it ran fine except there was a really loud nocking. I thaught it was the valves so i adjusted the exhaust valve(Intake was fine) and started it up again. Still the same loud nocking. So i searched the internet and found out the first generation xts had a top end lubrication problem, and that the rocker arms and cam gets worn down. So i removed the engune from the bike and removed the head and then pulled out the cam and rockers, the rocker arm pads were realy uneavenly worn and the cam was worn aswell. So now i must buy the parts. The rocker arms are $80 a piece and then the camshaft is $380. Thats way too much money for the cam,
I heard that the yamaha warrior 350 uses the same cam as the XT250 is that true? has anyone tried it? The warriors cam is only $55

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