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Need some help buying my first proper dirtbike + blue plating it

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Im new here so i hope i put this in the proper topic section. So first off hello!

I am in the market for a dirtbike (that at some point want to make road legal) I have minimal if that, experience riding with a clutch but have road educate. My buddy wants me to get a crf125f like he has. But i know thats not enough power and ill admit does feel pretty small when i sat on it (Im 6'2 so im not all that short and could ride a bigger bike anyway) i was looking at a crf150f but again after reading online the power does not seem to be there. So i have hit a road block and am seeking advice. I plan on buying new or used from a local dealership and would prefer a Yamaha or Honda. Must be a 4 stroke, not sure how streetable 2 strokes are but for a starter bike at least, id rather not find out. Seeing my lack of experience with a clutch i dont wanna jump the gun and buy a 230 or 250cc. but i also dont want to waste the money on a 125 or 150cc just to turn around and need a bigger bike. Should i take my chances with a crf230f or crf250? I wanted to buy a dirtbike and slowly make it street legal, i am prepared for the pain and hassle i will endure. I am also open to Yamaha dirt bikes like a ttr but would still rather do the supermoto/blue plate myself instead of buying a "dual sport" i think thats what there called? So what do you guys think? because im stumped. 

Buy a 150cc and blue plate it? Buy a 230 or 250 and blue plate that? If you guys have any recommended bikes i would love to shoppe around too im flexible. 

And have any of you blue plated/converted a dirtbike to a street bike in canada? (specifically Ottawa/Ontario) Is it possible/ i have heard mixed answers so any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you for your responses ahead of time

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Post this in the Canada sub-forum (Regional Discussion)

get the proper infos as what is required to make an off-road bike street legal in Ontario before buying anything, as in some regions it's simply not an option.

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