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2011 250xcw clutch????

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I have been turning a wrench on bikes for a couple of decades now and when I want to go replace the clutch plates I came across a clutch configuration and I've never seen before. The outer clutch basket looks like Swiss cheese in the back. The inner clutch basket is held on by a pressure plate and a single disc that acts as a spring  and as roll pins holding in the inner clutch basket to the steel clutch plates. It almost looks like this set up is out of an EXC model. 

 I was trying to replace the clutch plates because I was having trouble getting into neutral and I know that on my way Yzf  The steel plates were burnt and warped,  changing the clutch fixed all my problems on the YZF. 

I bought the clutch for the right bike but obviously it doesn't fit. Any ideas or suggestions on what to order a clutch for?





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That definitely ain't a 2011. First year of the Belleville washer design was 2013.
You should be fine with anything from 2013-2016
Looks like some one did a motor swap.
Make sure you check the dampers for any play and replace them

skip to 2:00 minutes.
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