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Wiring a headlight and a tail light for Lifan 125cc pit bike

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I've run a 125cc Lifan engine on my pit bike for around a year now, and it has performed really well. I decided to wire some lights to the bike and I faced some problems.

The engine came with all the electric components and wires required for ignition, and it also has a light coil in it from the factory so I thought wiring some lights should be easy. I made a very simple wiring for the headlight and the tail light (picture of the diagram attached) and I used a multimeter to check the connection between ground and the wire just after the regulator. Results were good, switch worked just as I thought.

Then I installed the light system to the bikes wires. I read from somewhere that the red wire coming from regulator is a power wire (12V) and can be used for different components like lights. So I went on and connected the red wire from the regulator (which by the way had nothing else attached to it before) to the light system, powered the engine up and I got no light at all. I checked the voltage on the red wire while the bike was running, and it was around 6 volts. This surprised me as the regulator that came with the engine was supposed to be regulating the voltage to 12V.

I have a couple questions: How many volts come directly from the yellow light coil wire?  is the wiring on my light system wrong or is this all happening just because of the weird regulator?

Many thanks!


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Thanks, that diagram's going to help a lot! I actually called the place I bought the lifan engine + electrics from, and asked why I only got 6 volts out from the regulator. They sent me a new 12V regulator for free and it should arrive next week. I'll post again when I've checked the lights with that!

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