XR650L lowering link results?

Anyone install one? Was there a noticible difference? I also bought a Corbin seat because it said it would provide lower saddle height. I havent installed either yet because the cops still have my bike. Also once I install these parts I intend to lower the forks 1 & 1/2 inches to level the bike out. I dont have to worry about bottoming the fork out cause I dont Jump (too damn big 300lbs+). :)

I have one from performance designs. It made a small difference, enough to tackle some decent trail work but still rides a little tall. I think it lowered it about 3/4" or so. The combo of Corbin seat and link should give you about and 1-1/2 or so. Certainly can't hurt. The performance desing unit has two grease zerks and brass bushings, the stock has needle bearings. I couldn't find an aftermarket design that used needle bearings. I like mine though, well made all CNC machined not cast.

I have a devol lowering link on mine and so far it has lowered it about 3/4 but I havnt reset the sag on the rear shock yet. It uses the stock needle bearings but you'll probally have to buy new ones since its impossible to get them out of the old link without damaging them. Really high quality part i would highly reccomend. :)

How do adjust the sag setting? I have a 98 xr650l and the owners manual doest show how, it only mentions adding/removing air from shocks

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