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Beta 450rr supermoto build

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This year I decided to finally bite the bullet and build a conversion kit to switch my 2014 450 back and forth from dirt to street. I bought this bike new in 14 and it has been the best bike i've ever owned. When I started to build the setup I realized it was very hard to find good information on what setups worked and what didn't. I though I would share what worked for me and some pictures of how it turned out. It hard to find words to describe how fun this bike is now on the street. It is unreal how much fun this bike is in both setups now.

Here are a few of the mods I had done previously.

-FMF powercore exhaust

-Stillwell suspension full revlave

-JD jet kit

-Sicass racing led turn signals

-Beta hard seat foam

-EE hand Guards

-Beta sharkfin

-Kenda trackmaster II w/ heavy duty tubes

-Twin air filter

-Earth x battery


I wanted to be able to  swap the complete wheel set in 30 minutes and  be on either dirt or street so here's what I ended up with...

-SM suspension settings from Stilwell

-Beta 320mm front rotor conversion with adapter

-Innteck rear rotor

-Talon 45t red rear sprocket

-Hub saver hardware

-Polisport front fender (to be modified)


KSR built my wheelset  for me...

-SM Platinum pro 17x3.5 and 17x5 rims in black

-SM Platinum pro hubs in red

-Bulldog spokes with red nipples

-Michelin pilot power 120/60 front 160/60 rear


Some things I learned along the way....

-The upper chain guard has to go for clearance but I was able to cut it down and save the front 2" still as a tire guard from chain slap

-The lower guide bolts have to be removed to install the tire.

-The front brake line and speedo cable have to be secured to the fork guard to prevent it from rubbing the rim. I drilled a small hole and ran a zip tie.

-I couldn't find a good aftermarket front fender so I ended up with a polisport fender I cut down. I layed out a shape very similar to the factory angles with a template so both sides match and trimmed with a jig saw. After it was cut I sanded the edges to give it a factory like curves and re-melted it with a propane lighter. It looks factory and really makes the front end.

All in all it cost about $2k but it was worth every penny!

Anyone on the fence should do it! you wont regret it. Not many bikes look as good as a Beta in SM trim







beta 2.jpg







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Awesome!! yea I can't find much info either.. There used to be kits from Betausa that was readily available but there used to be a big front brake kit too etc. I have run across wheels in the past for sale used and like a dummy I didn't get them. I think I should have now. I'd like to have a set for my09 525 RS.. Your bike looks good!!!! I think there is one Super moto thread for Beta thread here.. maybe more but few lately.. look and see in case you might see something that might be a lead for your setup.. but doesn't look like it.. It looks good right now. :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing!!!

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Great looking bike mate, congrats on that...

i have done the same thing to my 13 498, although i run the brake line hose on the outside of the fork guard, safer option i reckon, but i made a bracket to hold it off the guard and prevent it from rubbing on the fork leg.

a dude at a track day the other week lost his front brake on a DRZ cause the disc cut through the brake line, so keep and eye on it, just in case.

i'm really curious if that front disc is actually 320mm ??? or is it 300mm ???

i ask because i bought the caliper adapter, and it didn't fit a 320 disc, i had it welded up and tapped another hole to make it fit, but it was a hassle ...

i scored a set of 05 husky wheels cheap, put a beta 240mm disc on the rear hub, made some spacers for the front wheel. 

here is an old pic from last year, it's finished now with a new fender and some little mods.


2016-11-05 15.55.16.jpg

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20170506_080519.jpg Not sure about your Beta but on my YZs I use a flat socket head bolt and flip them to give me more clearance when mounting the wheel. I countwraink the guide a tiny bit so they are flush.

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Own a 2011 450 RS Supermoto. Wanting to find/fit an over sized front rotor. Beta no longer sells the kit for my year.  Beta USA suggest that I purchase a new/current front hub and new/current oversized rotor kit. Then, I would need to do some spacer machining. Sounds reasonable, if it works. A little bit of a $$ gamble, IMO. Dont think they would say 100% it would work on my RS forks. Advice is greatly appreciated!

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Great job , what a beautiful bike ! 

I've seen a KTM 500 exc supermoto build on this channel : Supermofools , these dutch guys have transformed the bike from enduro to supermoto , with new wheels , forks , plastics and accessories , take a look , they have done the same on a husqy FE 501 .

I think a lot of ktm-super moto conversion items fits to beta 




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