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Xr650l won't idle

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The other day I was riding and suddenly she bogged out and stalled. Gas and oil were full and it had some smoke coming out the oil fill hole


after a bunch of cranks I got it started and rode home. Stallled again and eventually got it started. Could keep it idling only if I held the throttle and revved like 3000. 


I went thru the carb last night and didn't find anything out of the ordinary. Put it back in and drained and replaced fuel. Same problem. Took about 50 cranks to fire. Still won't idle. 

Its a 2001 xr650l. Daves mods and full exhaust. Oil cooler.  55 000 km on the odo about 20000 on rebuilt top end 600r piston

what do you guys think is going on?  I know the cam was close to wear limit when I did the top end..

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On 5/10/2017 at 2:11 AM, buddasahk said:

Cranking volts vary 0-8v at coil. Is that normal or should it be around 12v?

My 2008 XR has trouble starting and Idling below 12V.  This could be your issue especially if you have some aftermarket electronics added on.  Smoke out of the oil fill hole?! How much?

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