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Need Help with a Yamaha PW80

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Hey all,  Helping a buddy sell a 2002 Yamaha PW80.  The bike is very clean, always garaged and only used as a pit bike.  Has very low hours.  I'd guess about 30.

Im having a few issues...  the carb likes to dump fuel out of the overflow tube if I shake the bike, lay it over to about 60 degrees or lift the front wheel about 12" off the ground.  I've checked the float level and it's to spec and the needle and seat are working right.  

Second and more important issue is that the bike breaks up at WOT.  I've rebuilt the carb and cleaned everything out twice.  It was mostly clean in there but had a small amount of gunk in the bottom of the bowl.  The air filter had disintegrated in the air box so I cleaned it out and replaced it.  

I pulled the plug, cleaned it, checked the gap and put it back in.  

The bike starts up easily and idles great.  It runs well on light throttle but when I pin it, it bogs.  It seems to run better in second gear than first and better in third gear than second.  It tends to break up more at higher RPMs.  

While I was waiting for the new air filter, I ran it without the filter and it ran better.  I figured that it was running a bit rich so I moved the needle height one notch higher/leaner and put the new oiled filter in but it ran worse.  I'm gonna move it back to the setting it was in before which was the middle setting.  


Any ideas what what else I should be checking?

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Maybe check exhaust for mice nest or something.  Seen it few times lol

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