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What to buy for top end rebuild 16 Yz250f

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I have a list of parts as to what I'll be ordering for a top end rebuild.. all the parts will be OEM, so far this is what I have.


-Piston kit (piston, rings, circlips, needle bearing, wrist pin)

-Cam chain, cam chain guides, cam chain tensioner.

-valve springs and seals.


The bike has 65 hours on it I plan on doing the top end around 90 hours give or take. I'm on the fence about doing a full valve job as the valves haven't moved and the bike fires up in 1-3 kicks cold. For gaskets, OEM cost a fortune. What brand makes good quality gaskets that you guys would recommend? Also what else should I do to the cylinder head besides seals and springs? I've heard that these heads last a fairly long time.


If I've missed any parts let me know I just want to make 1 order.




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Sounds like you have the hard parts. Don't forget all your gaskets! I'm sure you just didn't list those because gaskets are obvious.

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Knowing very well how OEM parts are expensive in Canada but if I were you

I'd invest in OEM gaskets even if twice the price of aftermarket ones.


I'm sure once refurbished you'd rather not have to tear into your engine again sooner than expected.

A lesson learned for myself: for engine parts, gaskets, seals, suspension seals, use OEM only.

"do it once, do it right"

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