YZ454: I have a question.

LawDog: Thanks for the offer. I think I'm just going to go with a CR500. I'll sell the YZ400 cheap (It's beat up) and move up to open class horsepower. How did all your mods hold up and which do you prefer?

Fireballsocal: My YZF's have been very reliable, and have been a pleasure to ride. I personaly like the big bore kit sover the stroker, but it is just my personal preference. All of my bikes have had wet sump conversions done to them, and they all have had some head work. I run stock valves and millsome off ofthe cylinder to raise compression, and run Nutec special 4 fuel. 53hp at the rear wheel. Did i mention that this is in a quad. The entire intake is custom, as is the exhaust.I have tested most pipes and the FMF powerbomb (SX version) works well, allthough I have to modify it for the quad. Good luck with your CR500. Lawdog

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