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Newbie wants to say thanks

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Hello all...  I'm an old fart that just starting out in the world of dirtbiking.  Wanted to try this before I got too old to ride.  Recently purchased a '01 xr400r that was in decent shape, but just needed a little TLC.  I've been reading over these forums and looking for items of interest and common repair problems.  So far I've rebuilt the carb and adjusted per some of the great videos on here and I'm now in the middle of opening up the exhaust by grinding down the weld where it mounts to the block.  Wow, that was some serious restriction, looks much better now.

Have parts arriving from Bikebandit today so I can complete repairs.  Hope to be up and running in a week or so, but the forum topics and the data provided are invaluable to a new rider like me.

Thanks again!!


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