WR Dual Sporting in Michigan

Hey guys just got my new 04' WR450 and also just registered with TT! So now the questions begin.I've done enough research on all the mods and I've learned plenty to keep me busy for a few weeks. But before I even get it dirty I want to get all the legal requirements done to get my plate here in Michigan. I can't justify the cost of a "dual sport kit" when Michigan doesn't require turn signals and the bike already has a battery and lights. Yet every d.s. wr I see here sports a kit of some kind. I believe if I add a brake switch/light, horn, mirror, and hi/low beam I'm all set. And Dot rubber of course. I'm pretty creative I just need to be pointed in the right direction. Please Help - springs here!

Go to your local DMV and ask for the Road Legal Bike Checklist (the green paper). This checklist will tell you everything you will supposedly need to do to your bike.

Once you get everything complete, you will have to have a local sheriff's deputy or city policeman sign off the checklist. You can call a local dept and they may send someone out to your house to check the bike over.

My friend and I only added a pressure brake light switch to our WR's, and we found a sheriff shooting radar on the side of the road. We went up to him and asked if could approve our bikes. We told him that we only ride trails, and just want to be street legal to go to town and get gas. The sheriff followed us to our homes, and signed off after only asking to see the headlights working & brake light working.

I think we found either a forgiving cop or a cop who appreciates bikers, or he was clueless of what to check for.

Anyhow, we ride the streets and have not been bothered over here in the Grand Haven area.

We have no turn signals, no horn, no DOT tires, no mirrors, loud exhaust, etc.

Good luck, send me your email address and I can send you some pics.

Just picked up a WR400 that was made street legal by the previous owner.

The bike has hi/low beam, tail and brake light, horn and the smallest mirror on the left side that doesn't do a dang thing for seeing out of. No blinkers or plate light. I haven't ridden on the street much yet. I don't want to tear the rear tire up that is on it quite yet.

Good luck and have fun.

I live in Washington Twp, not to far away. I've dual sported 3 bikes, my latest a 03 WR450. You can check it out below. Send me a PM and I'll give you my tel # if you want give me a call.


you definitely don't need a kit to dual-sport your WRF in michigan. excluding the (not-really-necessary) DOT tires, you can probably do it for around $100 or so.

couple of links might help you regarding the brake light switch:




and also read through this thread for info on a great license plate bracket...


finally, in my sig is a link to my writeup of the annual Six Days of Michigan, which you may want to look into riding this year. it's tons of fun.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

Thanks for all of the feedback guys. What a wonderful site! I can't believe how helpful everyone is. Can't wait to get everything done so I can break her in. Then I can start to see what kind of power I can get outta this thing.

I hope it will be as fast as my 99' Yz 250.

Hey Hoss I would just avoid the pain in the butt and get riding. I got the Baja-Designs kit paid the price and aint looked back. If you got the time and want to save money try it yourself. As for getting threw to to DMV stay with one person and route all your forms threw them.

I'm currently looking at legalizing my 99 WRF and I talked to one of the deputies in town. He said really the only things you need to add to pass the inspection are a brake light and mirror for sure, and I think a horn. You don't need DOT tires or hi/low beam etc. However it helps to get a cop that is nice and you havent pissed off lately :). But these are the basic things he told me. Hope it helps.

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