riding place in georgia?

going to northern georgia in november, around the 2nd. Going to go to chatsworth, it's about 30 minutes from Tenn and 2 hrs north of Atlanta. Heard there are alot of riding trails up there. Will be there for a week, going to get married on the mountain then we want to do some riding that week too. Do you guys know where the trails are or where i can find a map?

Go to georgiaoffroad.com and follow the links on the left for ORV Trails or MX Tracks. Just depends on what you want to do.

thanks , i'll check it out

Make darn sure you go to Diamandback Motocross Pk.They might have a site,don't know. We drove from OH. last Mo., It was well worth it. They have a Supercross track as well as a kick old school motocross track. ( You have to change plans ) The trip from Ohio took 11 hours.

go to www.ga-mxracing.com and you can see where all our tracks are.

426thumpers, If you can come up 1 weekend earlier you can ride Loretta lynns fall ride in Huracan mills TN. Not to much farther. They have a killer 21 mile trail. It is Oct.26,27. It ranked in the top 10 best hare scrambles in the US! They only open the hare scrambles 2 times per year. Me and the old wifeypooh will be camping there the whole weekend. I was there for the spring ride and i guessed about 200 bikes showed up. Lots of fun and family oriented......

Since we are on the subject of Georgia, Do any of you know if The MX Country Club is still operating in Greenville? I haven't ridden there in a few years and I know they were having some legal trouble with the track.



426 fireman, sounds like a cool weekend. But the reason we have it planned for Nov is because of a wedding and our FD schedules.

thanks for the help, not sure if i'm ready to do a hare scramble yet anyway, 426 is still kicking my ass, getting better but kicking my ass

dsoll13- the mcc is closed as of now. a while back it was closed because of EPA violations with runoff. Then it opened under a donation only setup, but then the IRS got onto him because only charities and churches can accept donations and unfortunately, mx is not either. do not know if he will reopen. its a shame because I think glen bates just redid the track.

426Thumpers -- Houston Valley is in that area & may be reopened by that time. -- Closed now due to pine beetle problem. Also Okie Mountain is awesome. Go to



to check ORV areas & tracks. There are a slew of great tracks in N.Georgia also. Diamondback, Tunnel Hill, Copperhead, Calhoun are a few. November is great riding month with good weather.

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