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KLX250S cam chain guide / slider GONE !?

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Please look at the first attached image, photographed on the right side looking forward into the automatic cam chain tensioner mounting
hole on a 2010 Kawasaki KLX 250 S. Shouldn't there be a black cam chain guide / slider block between the tensioner and

A bit of history: I bought the bike in 2015 when it had just 2000 km on the clock. It had the characteristic rattling
sound between 5000 and 6000 rpm. After some research online, I bought a Krieger manual tensioner and installed it per the
instructions, only used hand force etc. The bike got really quiet and all was well. I drove 600 km that fall and 900 km in
the summer of 2016. When putting the bike away last fall, I checked the tensioner and found that I needed to turn the
screw several turns (again, by hand) before getting contact again. I didn't think much about it then, but I guess the
chain guide / slider block was already gone.

When starting the bike up this spring, there was a knocking sound from the engine. I adjusted the tensioner a bit more and
the noise was gone. I drove 200 km until today, when I though I should check the tensioner again. I loosened the lock nut
but the screw would just turn a small bit in either direction, it didn't feel right at all. I removed the tensioner and
found out that it has been running against the cam chain (see third attached image)!

Just to be clear, I don't blame the Krieger tensioner - something else must have gone wrong. But I wonder what might have caused

I will take the bike to my local Kawasaki dealer, but what should I tell them to fix and check besides the obvious? Any
hopes of a goodwill guarantee since the automatic tensioner is a known problem? The bike is 7 years old but has only 3800
km on the clock.




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You won't get anything out of a goodwill guarantee and the automatic tensioner is not a known problem. Plus you removed it anyway. I'd say remove the covers and see where the slider is. I bet its down there or if its totally gone then somebody had to remove it.


I'd say you'll be buying a cam chain, new sliders and a tensioner.


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