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2002 YZ250f - Idle and running issues

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I have a 2002 Yz250f that either runs good and won't idle (or when riding and pulling in clutch it dies) or I can get it to idle good but won't get on the gas when giving it throttle. I took the carb apart and going to clean. I had some jetting questions and adjustments. I live in Boise, ID and we run in the dessert/mountains anywhere from 2,700 -7,700 feet. Here is the current jetting that is in the carb

Main Jet – 175

Pilot Jet – 45

Main Air Jet – 200

Starter Jet – 200

Pilot Air Jet – 100

Leak Jet – 105

Needle – Y359 (slot #4)

Also I’m not sure but when I looked at the adjustment screw (with spring) for the accelerator pump pushrod it was completely compressed. Should there be an adjustment set on it?

Thanks for any help



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Yeah I have a 2007 YZ250F I just got and the guy did a "carb rebuild" and said it needs jet work because it wouldn't idle.... got the bike home went on YouTube and found that the fuel screw wasn't even in the carb! Wtf! I went and bought one for 20$ and screwed it in and the thing idles now. But I think there is more than that wrong cause when I blip the throttle it bogs then revs up. And when I'm riding around it pauses and bogs a little bit before reving up. Is this the pilot screw or somthing else? Getting fed up with it

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