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Seized swing arm bolt

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Hi all

My wife has had a 1999 yz 80 since new and it's time to rebuild the engine

Problem is I can not get the sing arm bolt out, I've laid it on its side and soaked with WD40/diesel and even petrol but with a brass dolly and lump hammer it won't budge

Any suggestions for getting it out without cutting between the engine case and frame

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I just went through replacing my swing arm bushings on my 05 CRF250 and the swing arm bolt was seized.

Get some PB Blaster (IMO this is the best stuff for seized stuff). Lay the bike on one side, soak everywhere around the swing arm bolt bushing out/inside really well and let sit for 24 hours then repeat on the other side.

Mine then tap right out.

Otherwise, post a pic from the back of the bike showing the frame where the swing arm meets.

As well if you can't get PB Blaster try Sea Foam Deep Creep (I've got some but have not tried it)

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What ^^ these fellas said.

Take your time, keep it soaked in PB Blaster. Tap both sides and anything the bolt goes through (just don't hit anything hard enough to damage anything).  

You can also try heating it up and freezing it (freeze spray). Think expansion and contraction. 

It might take a while. Remember, you are trying to break the rust and corrosion loose so you can move the bolt. 

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